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Professional equipment and software for simultaneous translations: sound mixer, headphone, PC, microphones, dictaphone, etc.

A separate room for simultaneous interpretation (12m2)

Clients have the opportunity to listen to the discussion and observe it in its original language and as a simultaneous translation concurrently. The translation sound comes out separately on the speakers and headphones.

Optionally: Simultaneous translation from Ukrainian and Russian into English, French, Polish etc. will be provided.


One way Gesell glass (210 x 130 cm): spy mirror for observation

Screens: large plasma TV (45″) with HDMI for respondents and two additional plasma TV panels (32″) for Clients

Online broadcasting (FGD videos) and audio podcasts

Furniture and furnishings of the rooms: absorb unnecessary light/sound and create a pleasant working atmosphere

Flipchart, markers

Wi-Fi; required hardware and software for video recording (mp4, mp3), broadcasting and usability testing

Fresh  air access: air conditioning and windows in all the rooms



Outputs: video and audio recordings (mp4, mp3) are promtly provided to the Client for downloading

Broadcasting: video streams and audio podcasts are available via the link

Office supplies and accessories: markers, pens, pencils, A4 paper and printer

For respondents: water, plates and glasses, hot drinks (tea, coffee), cookies

Catering for the Clients: subject to agreement

Services of the assistant and the technical assistant

Confidentiality of illustrative materials and deliverable are backed up by a bilateral AGREEMENT


Modern and comfortable FGD room for 6-14 respondents (24m2)

Spacious observation room for 5-15 Clients (30m2)

Spacious lobby for re-recruitment


We also provide services in conducting qualitative research project (FGDs, case studies, interviews, home visits, observations, accompanied shopping, usability testing, content testing, etc.) in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus

Development of tools (screener, guide)

Fieldwork and respondent recruitment

Moderation and data collection by qualified researchers

Analytics of research findings


Individual approach to each Client